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Since the beginning of the Nineties Sarah Ciracì has been researching on the relationships between humans, technology, pop culture and the mass media. Her artistic research has been stimulated by the sense of  bewilderedness that acceleration in science and technology produced in her.

Lately, she has been focusing on science, in particular in quantum physics, and in what the scientific methodology has in common with Buddhist philosophy. For example, in Ciracì’s series of “mandalas” (i.e. Neural Network) she used electronic circuits to trigger an osmotic process between mysticism and technology: In the same way Tibetan mandalas tell stories, and can contribute to the creation of new ones, the artist intends to tell the story of technology from within, showing its skeleton—the electronic circuits—using the mandala structures. Ciracì also uses references to the history of art, as in  Portrait of Humanoid (iCub) (2008), in which she reproduced the iconography of Nineteenth century family portraiture to depict iCub, the first Italian robotic humanoid, developed at the Italian Institute of technology in Genoa.