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Léa Dumayet’s sculptural practice seems to be led by the research of a balance, and tension between opposites: natural and industrial, heavy and light, stable and unstable. These are in fact all phenomenological perceptions the viewer can feel in front of her oeuvre. However, these apparent opposite characteristics of Léa’s works are in fact part of a whole, and are both necessary components to the simple, elegant and powerful compositions she creates: a bit like Ying and Yang, these opposites are inseparable in the ensemble of each piece, in which one leads to the other as in an endless loop.
The visual contrasts Léa conveys in her works in terms of textures further enhances these tensions, like the smoothness of metals in contrast with the roughness of the natural materials she never treats in any way, or the delicate state of equilibrium of pieces like Eclipse (2020), or Caresse (2019).
As life, Lèa’s art is often hanging by a thread.