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Formes noires, 2019.

Formes noires are sculptural compositions of very pure geometrical forms that stem from remainings of the breeding of silkworms from Ivana Adaime Makac’s ongoing project Rééducation. The residues from the process of breeding are carefully kept by the artist as if they were relics from the worms’ existence. The rigid geometrical shapes, conceived as independent modules that can compose different configurations, remind the basic shapes of Giorgio Morandi’s still-life paintings, but are actually related to Argentine artist Victor Grippo’s Vida, Muerte y Resurreción (1980). However, in Adaime Makac’s work the geometrical, dry shapes act as the counterpart of the organic remains, in particular the black shapes are composed of silkworm excrements. This work continues to investigate the artist’s interest in cycles, in the impermanence of organic forms, and in domestication processes, in this case in particular, the domestication of organic matter through rigid geometrical shapes.