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Fuochi di mezza estate, 2019.


The reflection within which these installations are born revolves around the concept of ruins.
To inhabit and therefore to build does not only mean sharing the space but also the different time scales. Every object, every project is not limited to the species that creates it but it perpetuates itself beyond the time of the builder, affecting the temporal spheres of everything and everyone else. The ruins are, therefore, what we live in constantly and not only agglomerations of crumbled concrete in a wood. Each space is a home for someone, for others.
The ruin is destruction of the old and, at the same time, manifestation of the new.
Through the assembly of different materials, recovered in landfills, abandoned places or directly from factory waste, the goal was to create a spatiality similar to that of ruins, that is, where every object, every shape shows its time. Where there are no hierarchies. No main body but an agglomeration of different branches inhabited by a possible plurality of individuals. Where every object is alive and constantly changing. A modular structure that looks at the organic and inclusive architecture of plants, where there is no inside and outside but a habitat in constant becoming.