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Turbo, 2008

The turbo is a machine to recover lost energy. It is a kind of auxiliary body that is coupled to the internal combustion engine and which is intended to increase the pressure of the gases and to allow a better filling of the cylinders with air. During the 80/90, the turbo is democratized in Europe to the point that it becomes a real fashion phenomenon as much in terms of industrial production as for consumers.
Today in Eastern Europe with “turbo-folk”, the Turbo makes its comeback on the musical level. It takes a traditional structure in music, folklore, it grafts power – that is a techno rhythm – and one gets a hybrid mix: turbofolk. This musical genre portrays Western clichés of power, beauty and achievement, in the manner of the East, unintentionally becoming a very evocative critique of society.

From west to east, the turbo expresses the same phenomenon of willpower. Debombourg’s “turbo”, by questioning machismo outbursts, jeopardises this representation of masculine power and the elements that ground it: will to improve oneself, search for perfection, authority within power, through material representations.