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IPERCUBO’s online inaugural exhibition on Artsy: It’s Hot Outside, opening Thursday July, 9th

IPERCUBO’s online inaugural exhibition on Artsy: It’s Hot Outside, opening Thursday July, 9th

It’s Hot Outside

Ivana Adaime Makac, Camilla Alberti, Roy Ascott, Sarah Ciracì, Baptiste Debombourg, Manuel Esnoz, Brian Montuori, Patrizia Posillipo, Adelisa Selimbašić, Axel Straschnoy, Ludovic Thiriez.

July 9th-September 1st 2020
Artsy Online Exclusive
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It’s Hot Outside is IPERCUBO’s inaugural exhibition, featuring a selection of works by all the artists currently represented by the gallery.

The title alludes to the interconnectedness of the current global state of affairs: at a social and political as well as at an environmental level. In fact, it is hot outside not only because in the Northern hemisphere is summer, but because in the whole planet the climate crises has made temperature to rise as never before. This crisis, as it is well know, is at the same time linked to deforestation, and to the abuse of other species (i.e. intensive livestock farming), which together have been identified also as two of the reasons zoonotic spillovers—when viruses “jump” from a non-human species to the human—are occurring more often than ever before. One of the more recent spillovers caused the current global pandemic of COVID-19, and, for example, several recent outbreaks of the pandemic in areas where it was supposedly under control had emerged in slaughter houses and intensive livestock farming facilities.

These topics are approached in direct or indirect ways by all the artists in the show, and it is in fact the mission of the gallery to promote artistic researches that engage with a critical approach to human and non-human ways of being in the world. Pushing oneself to think beyond human time and space to imagine new possible scenarios and exit strategies to the increasing “heat  one feels outside” is what links the artists IPERCUBO represents and supports. Through any medium , they all offer through their oeuvre a more complex vision of contemporaneity: these are all artistic practices in which critical thinking come together with refined aesthetics in order to reflect on our relationships with other living beings, with technology, with modes of art-making and , more broadly, with the ways in which the world is created by each one of its inhabitants.

Andrea Esposito, Gabriela Galati, Matteo Graniti,
Co-Founders & Directors