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IPERCUBO stems from the urgency of imagining alternative dimensions. The hypercube is a geometric figure analogous to the cube but immersed in a space of four or more dimensions: whilst it can be mathematically conceptualised and described, it cannot actually be imagined by the human mind since it can only think in a three-dimensional reality.

Loosely related to the hypercube is the concept of the hyperobject  developed by the contemporary philosopher Timothy Morton. Hyperobjects cannot to be touched or fully grasped by the human mind because their time and space exceeds the humans’, for instance global warming, race, class, extinction or a certain language.

Our mission is therefore to identify and support artists who can lead us, through any medium and approach, to a more complex vision of contemporaneity that implies a shift from considering the human being as a measure of reference to conceptualise reality, and can allow us to develop new lines of thought.

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