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The Permian Collection – Axel Straschnoy

The book brings together texts and images on Axel Straschnoy’s The Permian Collection (2018).

The Perm Regional Museum, in accordance with the decree from the culture ministry of the USSR on the adoption of regulations for storing and safeguarding museum artefacts, fumigates its premises twice a year. While it carefully preserves its collections of insects that inhabit the region, those that live inside the museum are considered pests, meant to be gotten rid of. In 2018, at Axel Straschnoy’s request, the museum carefully collected the killed insects, classified them, placed them in boxes and created the first collection dedicated to its inhabitants, totalling 199 specimens.

First Edition – 2020 – Clothbound – 175 x 245 x 13 mm – 108 pages – In Russian and English – Including 33 full-colour plates

Texts by Yuliya Glazyrina, Larisa Zhuzhgova, Katarina Lopatkina.

Images by Axel Straschnoy.

Graphic Design by Piëtke Visser.

Produced by Kolme Perunaa.

Published by Bombus, Helsinki.


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