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Patrizia Posillipo studied photography at the IED  Rome,  later obtaining a Master in Culture of Photography at the CRAF of Spilimbergo, and  then graduating as designer at the Faculty of Architecture  at the Seconda Università degli Studi of Naples. During the training course, she studied with and met relevant figures such as Gianfranco Arciero, Italo Zannier, Charles Henri Favord, Anne Cartier Bresson, Walter Rosenblum, Erich Hartmann.

Over the years, she collaborated with Italian and foreign photographers of international relevance giving her contribution to specialised magazines such as the Cinema Sessanta magazine directed by prof. Mino Argentieri. She works for C.E.I. and the Ministry of Ecclesiastical Cultural Heritage as the responsible for the photographic shooting and archiving of images and she did multimedia videos for PEUGEOT Italy. At the same time that she has always followed her personal artistic research path.