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Ludovic Thiriez is a French artist who lives and works in Budapest.

He is mainly a painter but often also relates the paintings to installations and objects. His main research of the last five years is developed around the theme of childhood: he explores this period of life, its contrasts, emotions, transitions and passions that reflect our condition as human beings.

His painting is like an accumulation of experiences, images and ideas: a mixture that the artist organises in a simple and chaotic way.  On the canvas, the composition is built on the contrast of the abstract brush strokes with the figurative element. Life appears as an oxymoron, a romantic contradiction that creates a fragile balance. Nature and plants are constant presences but it is after his trip to Brazil that the inclusion of  natural elements is further emphasised in his work.

Hungarian embroidery is an imprint of its history but also a powerful symbol of the transmission of culture and knowledge between generations. Each region of Hungary had its own codes and designs that had been improved and passed from one generation to the next. Animals are also a recurring element in his paintings, as they are also present in almost all fairy tales: They are children’s friends and part of their imaginary stories and in many cultures they also have a strong symbolic meaning of guidance and protection.