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Clarissa Falco (1995) is an Italian artist based in Milan.

Using the body as a primary medium, Clarissa focuses on identifying it both as the creator and as the active part of creation itself, firmly establishing her practice in opposition to the traditional representation of the body predominantly as object of visual pleasure. In her practice, she perceives eroticism as one of the most powerful gears of the machine that generates desire. For this reason, Falco’s works create a close link between the body and the mechanical apparatus.

The mechanisms of societal domination distort the body.

During the creation of her sculptures, she wonders what would happen if society’s internal and external tools made machines stop working?

What if, and will, they become sterile? Or would they turn into some other bodies? Variation plays a vital role in the survival of the human species, as it is created as a movement of techno-nature. By this term, she means that the autopoietic arrangement configures itself as the modifying power of its species and the entire environmental context.

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