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Baptiste Dembombourg’s installation Rheology at Martell Foundation, Cognac; Mudam, Luxembourg and MÉCA in Facts Festivals, Bordeaux.

Baptiste Dembombourg’s installation Rheology at Martell Foundation, Cognac; Mudam, Luxembourg and MÉCA in Facts Festivals, Bordeaux.

Baptiste Debombourg‘s glass installation Rheology activated by the Snowball performance.

The challenge of the Snowball performance is to offer the public a unique sensory experience, placing it at the centre of a total work of art, an immersive device integrating scientific, sound or musical hazards. It takes the form of the installation Rheology where the cellist interacts with the material, music and movement.

Elements :
Safety glass installation based of 380kg glass on the ground, 15 glass rocks, hexagonal valchromat plateform inside of which are 4 sensitive zones reacting to movement and sound, mounted on aluminium, with electrodynamic sensors linked to a sound control.

It is a transversal art and sciences project where different artistic universes such as music, sculpture, performance, scenography, confront science to try to develop new forms from collective experiences. From an artistic point of view, the innovation in this project is to be able to bring contemporary art out of its conventional area and, through science, music and sound, to confront it to its own limits. The concept is to display this installation to the audience with free access and to be able to activate it according to a program developed in advance with the spaces that host the project. Indeed, the purpose of this installation project is to travel, to adapt to a wide variety of contexts, from art centres, to museums or even art galleries, festivals or events beyond the walls such as Biennales of contemporary art.

The theme is clearly inspired by climate change and the Anthropocene, but opens up to a more ambitious question, an environmental transformation that is beyond us. The science research by the scientist is on sound interaction with the material. It aims to invent a technological device at the intersection of the work of the artist, the composer and the musician which enables music and art work to interact. By operating this device, the musician gives life to the work. This gesture contributes to the immersive dimension of the project. It is notably carried out using convolutions of impulse responses adapted to the music played. The research focuses on the one hand on capturing the gesture and on the other hand on its sound translation. A patent has been filed for this experimental device.

The Performance and the installation were presented at the Martell Foundation in Cognac the 02/11, at the Mudam in Luxembourg the 9 & 10/11, and at the MÉCA in Facts Festivals in Bordeaux the 21/11/2019. They will presented through the frame of the 30’30’ Festival in Saintes City in April 2020.

Distribution :

Ceillist : Julie Läderach
Visual Installation : Baptiste Debombourg Musical composition : Sébastien Roux
Staging – Curating : Stéphane Ghislain Roussel Science research : Samuel Rodriguez
Light conception : Stéphane Bottard
Video & editing : Camille Greatorex

Production : PROJETEN/Luxembourg & TUTTI/France

Co-productions :

OARA – Office Artistique de la Région Nouvelle Aquitaine
Martell Foundation, Cognac
FACTS Festival – IDEX, Bordeaux University
Espace Mendès France – Lieu Multiple, Poitiers
Cap-Sciences CNRS – UMR 5295 Institute of Mechanics and Engineering Bordeaux I2M MUDAM – Art Modern Museum Grand-Duc Jean de Luxembourg

Partners: 30-30 Festival in Bordeaux, Gallia Theater Saintes, GMEA Albi, Scrime Bor- deaux, 4 Saisons Theater of Gradignan, Vanves Theater, Talence City, GETRA company SAS, Bohle company