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IPERCUBO presents Adelisa Selimbašić’s first solo exhibition, curated by Luca Zuccala.

IPERCUBO presents Adelisa Selimbašić’s first solo exhibition, curated by Luca Zuccala.


Adelisa Selimbašić

Non ci incontreremo mai così giovani

Curated by Luca Zuccala

Opening: Thursday May 6th, 4-8 pm.

Venue: State Of

Via Seneca, 4

20135, Milan


From May 6th through June 6th 2021, IPERCUBO presents the first solo show by Adelisa Selimbašić (Karlsruhe, Germany, 1996),  Non ci incontreremo mai così giovani, hosted by State Of in Milan, in via Seneca 4, in the Porta Romana district.

The exhibition, curated by Luca Zuccala, presents a series of works, some of which of large dimensions, whose subjects are exclusively female characters.

In  Selimbašić’s oeuvre female representations within everyday situations are paired with oneiric details. This tension is underlined by the artist through her use of colour in which, after a careful observation of reality, chromatisms are successively radicalised in order to give surfaces a sculptural tactility. In fact, during her residency in Via Farini Milan a subtle mutation in her oeuvre can be perceived to a more vibrant colour palette. This use of colour is at the service of one of the central interests of Selimbašić’s painting: to shift the perception of the female body from a conventional view and to propose a new point of view: that of the female gaze, namely, the gaze of the female painter in which the imperfect beauty of naked women in nature and the erotism they convey challenge the normative cultural perception of the exposure of the female body in public settings.

However, the representation of gender within Selimbašić’s works is not to be understood literally as a political stand, but aimed  at generating  awareness on what the female world and sexuality are. As she declares: “I don’t define myself as a feminist, rather as an artist who wants to break, through painting, with all those acts and attitudes repeated over time that have led us to produce the illusion of a fix and determined gender identity, and of the body as a passive medium branded by it”.

The title, “Non ci incontreremo mai cosi giovani” (“we will never find ourselves this young”), plays with irony and the suspension time in a subtle poetic vein, all cornerstones of the artist’s work. It generates a kind of disorientation and ambiguity, also present in the work, which induces the viewer/reader to pause for a further reflection. In fact, in the paintings it is possible to see projected shadows that follow different and contrasting directions as if each subject of the painting belonged to a place and different time, or may be, as if they  different temporal dimensions overlapped.


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