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Adelisa Selimbašić (Malsch Kreis Karlsruhe DEU), after graduating from the Liceo ArtisticoG. De Fabris of Nove (VI), she enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice with Painting address. Currently attending the specialist course. Adelisa has participated in various competitions and exhibitions obtaining various reports as in the Combat awards, Arte Laguna Prize, Contemporaneamenti, StArt, ShinglleJ22 Award. She has also exhibited abroad at the Nikola Tesla Museum in Zagreb (HR) and at the Sunny Art Center Gallery in London (United Kingdom). She was also the protagonist of the bipersonal exhibition De Pictura at the Gare82 Gallery, Brescia (BR). At the same time, she take part in a different initiative and workshop, including the participation in the Forte Marghera Open Laboratory of Carlo Di Raco and various artistic projects, including a collaboration for the realization of the “Montagne De Venise” by Yona Friedman with Jean Baptiste Decavéle. She has exhibited in various fairs and collective exhibitions: Art Fair Padova and Lucca; G. Fattori Civic Museum of Livorno; Arsenale di Venezia by Igor Zanti; Arsenale d’Iseo (BR), Archaeological Museum of Anzio (RO). In addition, she is participating in the artistic residency Fuori dal vaso, at Vulcano headquarters in Mestre (VE), curated by Daniele Capra and Nico Covre.